Author: TotalFoot

Some Summer Time Perils For Your Feet

What is wrong with wearing flip flops? Flip flops are summer time favorite. They go on easy and come off even easier. They are cool, come in many colors and can be hosed off when dirty. Some are even platform for those that are height challenged. The difficulty with flip flops comes when they are […]

Are My Shoes Still Good?

A common question I receive from my patients are in regards to whether they are in the appropriate shoe gear and if their shoes remain in good condition. The first thing I do to begin answering this question is determining the tread wear pattern at the bottom of the shoe. If there is little tread left or if […]

Be Careful Out There!!!!!

Today we wake up to some bitterly cold weather. Today people all across Oklahoma continue to go to work, go to the grocery store, and do their daily activities. Today, ER visits spike with broken bones from slipping and falling on the ICE! There are some simple things to do that WILL help to avoid being another […]

Tis The Season For Great Food

This time of year, we share many meals with family, friends, and coworkers. Turkey, beef, ham, lots of good sausages, cheeses, stuffing, mashed potatoes, insert other vegetables that I personally couldn’t care less about, and desserts! With that in mind, this is the time of year that we start to see many patients in our clinic for painful, […]