Tis The Season For Great Food

This time of year, we share many meals with family, friends, and coworkers. Turkey, beef, ham, lots of good sausages, cheeses, gout treatment and diet advice for OKC patientsstuffing, mashed potatoes, insert other vegetables that I personally couldn’t care less about, and desserts! With that in mind, this is the time of year that we start to see many patients in our clinic for painful, red and swollen toes, feet, and ankles.

Unbeknownst to many, these two are often linked. Why you may ask…Gout. Yes Gout. Gout is not just a medieval disease of the rich kings. It is very much alive and well today.

Diet is one of the main components for the formation of gout in the human body, along with genetics, alcohol intake, kidney function, and water intake. Watching and limiting certain types of foods can help prevent a gout flare. Foods such as red meats, fatty poultry, high fat dairy products, beer, red wine, sugary drinks, and desserts are commonly linked to gout risk, just to name a few. Proper hydration is also very important. A well-hydrated body is much less likely to have a gout flare.

uric-acid-1-enIf you have what you think may be a possible gout flare, a lab check is needed to evaluate your uric acid level to determine if there is gout.

There are many treatments available for gout including medical management for the acute painful flare. In some cases, long-term management is needed in situations where the uric acid level in the body is hard to control. When in doubt, get it checked out, as long-term uncontrolled gout can cause joint damage across the body.

For more questions, please contact our office nearest you! You can call us at (405) 947-8041 forOklahoma City and (580) 237-3338 for Enid, OK.

Written By: Joseph Allison, DPM

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