Winter Wonderland

This time of year is special in that we celebrate our Savior’s birth. Start a New Year with all the expectations we can muster. There are so many things to do, people to see, things to get done and presents to buy. I have always tried to set aside time to reminisce about the good times and plan for the future. It is a very happy time for me. I am at the age that I get to play with my grandkids and enjoy a greater stability than in my earlier years. I recently took my wife out to see Mannheim Steamroller in concert and had a wonderful time.

In addition to Christmas, other things come this time of year. In Oklahoma, we can get some rough weather and some have difficulty getting out at all. The weatherman says some snow is coming tonight. Stay away from ice if possible. We see lots of fractures as a result of falling on the ice.

We all run the risk of getting run down and sick during this time of year. Here is some advice from me: Take the time to get the rest you need, wear proper clothing for all your outdoor activities, eat good foods and try not to over indulge. If the weather is bad, take extra care, slow down and take your time; leave plenty of room between you and the car before you.

As the temperature drops, we also need to be careful with stretching and warming up before exercise. Tendons and joints do not like being stressed without stretching and warming up and it is more important during the colder days.

I hope you had a very merry Christmas. Bring on 2016!


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