Are My Shoes Still Good?

A common question I receive from my patients are in regards to whether they are in the appropriate shoe gear and if their shoes remain in good condition. The first thing I do to begin answering this question is determining the tread wear pattern at the bottom of the shoe. If there is little tread left or if the shoe is being severely altered due to abnormal foot mechanics, it’s likely time for a new shoe (and likely new style of shoe to accommodate the abnormal wear). I also inform my patients that there are many types of shoes, some which are poorly constructed all the way to shoes that are professionally engineered for an ultra marathon runner. I must say I never encourage the bottom of the line shoe because I feel the construction of those shoes is not adequate for joint health. That being said, most people don’t need an ultra marathon built shoe. I do often have patients that present without pain who want an opinion on the appropriate type shoe for them, and I am more than happy to evaluate your current shoes and foot type. I have seen patients present with a motion control type shoe to limit flatfoot when they truly need a shoe to help distribute the pressure from a high arch. The look of the shoes are similar from the outside, but often times the true mechanics of the shoe gear can be remarkably different. Please don’t be bashful. Bring in several pairs of shoes so I can have a better representation of your tread pattern!

By Dr. Joseph Allison

Are My Shoes Still Good

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