Got Toenails?

ToenailsSummertime is here, and it is hot! With sandal season in full swing, I have many patients tell me that they won’t be wearing them because of their ugly toenails.

There are many reasons that a nail may look odd or ugly. Trauma like dropping a heavy object on the nail or repeated jamming in the end of the shoe (like a runner may do) can cause the nail to look odd. Some people can even inherit odd-looking nails. They can be thick and soft, not like a normal nail at all.

Your nail can also start curving over time, meaning that as you age the nail has an increase in the curvature from right to left across the toe. This can cause a lot of pain and difficulty in wearing shoes.

Most ugly toenails develop from infections. This can be fungal or bacterial. To clear the nails up we have to “kill” the infection. This can be done in a variety of ways. There are pills and topical medications but they have to be matched with the organisms that are causing the infection. There is debridement of the nails and laser therapy as well. If you are impatient we can grind the nails down thin and apply a special covering designed for toenails that can be filed and painted that looks great.

Once you get an infection in the nail bed (where the nail grows) you are more likely to get it again than those who have not had the infection. This is greatly reduced with a maintenance program similar to taking care of plaque on your teeth. Why suffer with ugly nails. We have the skills and equipment and have learned some tricks to speed up your healing. We can treat your nails and make you happy in sandals again. Give us a call at OKC: 405-947- 8041 or Enid: 580-237-3338.

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