Why Do I Have Heel Pain?

Sore heelGeneral studies show that at some point in the average human lifespan, nearly all will at some point suffer from heel pain. It’s very common, and it’s also very incapacitating. Those who have suffered with heel pain know exactly what I’m talking about. It can make you hobble from your bed to the shower, it can make you decide you’re not going to go to the gym, and it sometimes limits an individual’s ability to work. With that being said, not all heel pain is the same.

There are many reasons for ones heels to be bothersome. The most common reason for this is plantar fasciitis, a ligament that attaches to the heel and helps support the arch. Another very common reason for heel pain is actually a stress fracture of the heel, which if left untreated could result in a lisfranc fracture. There are also numerous nerves around the heel that can be inflamed and become painful. Lesser causes can result from flat fleet, bone tumors, and bone cysts.

We at Total Foot and Ankle are trained to identify your specific cause of heel pain, and to take that diagnosis and turn it into a solution to make it go away and stay away. Here’s the best part…90-95% of the time, we are able to avoid surgery and get complete relief of symptoms!

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