What are you NOT able to do Because Your Heels Hurt?

  • Heel Pain Book CoverAre you laying in bed worried that just going to the bathroom will start your day off in pain?
  • Are you so sore by the end of the day that you are walking like a Very Old Man?
  • Do you worry that your boss will notice you limping and rethink your expected promotion or worse?
  • Are you sad or even guilty that you don’t feel good enough to run, chase and play with the grandkids?
  • Is your weight going up and you are doing all that your feet will allow to do to be active?
  • Has your doctor told you to lose weight but you feet hurt so bad that you can’t exercise?
  • Do you have clothes in your closet you want to wear but are too tight and you cannot exercise to lose the weight?
  • Do you have a favorite activity or sport that you can no longer do due to foot pain?
  • Is the housework or next project been placed on permanent hold due to your foot pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help! That is what we do here at Total Foot and Ankle every day.

Here are some simple steps you can start today to help with your heel pain:

  1. ONLY wear good supportive rubber sole shoes until we get you past this issue.
  2. Stretching exercises & liniments – Check you medicine cabinet. You probably have some in there. Use them as labeled. Also try anti-inflammatory medicines such as Aleve or Motrin with food.
  3. Avoid jumping or other activities that put extra stress to the heels. Standing on ladders also puts extra stress to the area.

If needed, there are several other options we can provide in our offices like steroid injections, hemocyte tissue grafts, laser therapy, night splints, strapping and shock wave therapy to provide relief and get you back doing all your activities again.

90%+ of our patients get relief from their heel pain without surgery. There are a multitude of treatments that we can provide before even thinking about surgery. When it is required, most heel pain surgery patients can walk out wearing their own tennis shoes the same day. And only need a band-aid dressing after the first few days. If I needed to have surgery, this is the kind of surgery I would want.

For more information, click here to get my book “Heel Pain 101”. You will find any more details about heel pain and other conditions treated by Dr. Joseph Allison, myself, and our All-Star Team at Total Foot and Ankle. You do not have to accept heel pain as normal. We can help and do so for your neighbors every day.

There are two locations for your convenience: 524 N Van Buren, Enid (580) 237-3338 and 3330 NW 56th Street, Suite 600, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 947-8041. Make an appointment and start your road back to the things that you love to do. Call today. It is much easier than putting up with pain and limitation that you have. You or someone that you know is just living with pain in their feet. Do them and us a good dead for today – pass along our # and tell them to call. They will be glad that they did and back into life doing all the things that they have been missing out on.

Here’s to your health.
Scott Shields DPM.

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