Summer, Time for Fun and Success – Introduction

keys to successSummer is a great time. School is out, the weather is great for outdoor sports: baseball, golf swimming, water skiing and just relaxing and renewing.

Summer is often when time just seems to get away from us and we say “Where did the time go?” It is easy to get distracted from our goals and find ourselves short on productivity with all the summer time activities. It’s that way for everyone. We put off what we should do now with the intent to do it later. Procrastination is a killer and always has been. The scriptures talk about procrastination in both the Old and New Testament. One example is: “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” (Jeremiah 8:20). Not a good use of the summer for that person I can tell you.

Although I enjoy the song “Schools Out For Summer”, if we go with the lyrics of Alice Cooper, we may have some good times but we will not have accomplished much by the end of summer. Most people of the world follow this have fun now, advance from summer into fall and then winter and spring, year after year. That is OK if you want a mediocre life, but if you want exceptional, I suggest that you follow the guidelines below.

Exceptional requires that one make time in their day to invest in their goals. It requires motivation and a commitment to success, along with a great deal of work. Thomas Edison said “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”.

I have been greatly helped along the way of life by reading books about success, formulating a plan and then executing those plans. One of my favorite authors is Napoleon Hill. He pined the 17 Principles of Success and wrote about them in “Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement.” He also wrote “Think and Grow Rich!”

If it has been too long since you have read some of his work I suggest that you consider reading or re-reading them. I will be reviewing the 17 Principles of Success in this series of blogs along with my thoughts about them. The words in bold are Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success. They are Develop Definiteness of Purpose, Establish a Mastermind Alliance, Assemble an Attractive Personality, Use Applied Faith, Go The Extra Mile, Create Personal Initiative, Build a Positive Mental Attitude, Control your Enthusiasm, Enforce Self-Discipline, Think Accurately, Control Your Attention, Inspire Teamwork, Learn from Adversity and Defeat, Cultivate Creative Vision, Maintain Sound Health, Budget Your Time and Money, and Use Cosmic Habitforce.

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