Summer, Time for Fun and Success – Part 3

A review of Napoleon Hills “Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement”.

Attractive PersonalityThis is # 3.

3) “Assemble an Attractive Personality” Be pleasant and happy. If you are not pleasant and happy, do some soul searching, find out why, and fix it. It does not work to be phony with this. We must own it. “With every personal and business engagement, you should display sincerity and courtesy as well as a pleasing tone of voice and a welcoming smile.” I was not always like this (see part 8). By the time I was a junior or senior in high school, I had this down and that is who I am. In boot camp in the Navy, I was known as “Smiley”. For those who have been in the military, a nickname is not always desirable. I was teased and singled out positively and negatively for this but there was much more positive than negative. Being happy and pleasant is a much better way to live and a much better person to be around. I have been greatly blessed in my life by just choosing to be happy. Good things come my way and I believe that often it is because I am cheerful and others can share opportunities with me.

I will follow with the next principle in a day or so. I hope that you enjoy this and benefit from it.

Scott Shields DPM

Remember: It shouldn’t hurt to walk.

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