Summer, Time for Fun and Success – Part 8

A review of Napoleon Hills “Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement”.

Control your EnthusiasmThis is # 8.

8) “Control your Enthusiasm” Enthusiasm is great to be around but it needs to be managed so that it works for you and not against your goals. Be positive and up beat without running over others who would like to participate in the conversation or activity. Be that person that is high on life. There was a point in my childhood that changed me forever. I was a sour kid and complained about a lot of anything that was not my idea, especially work. When I was ordered to work, I would work as if it was drudgery and unfair. I was not fun to be around and I am surprised that my parents let me live (figure of speech).

One day my dad was able to get through to me (he had tried many times before) that this was a very poor way to live my life and that no one would want to be around a complaining apathetic kid. It finally sunk in and I made a conscious decision to change. If you know me, you know that I am a happy and enthusiastic man. I have been accused of having too much intensity. I like to think that I have a propensity for action. I have a great zeal for life and I enjoy my days. I can promise you that this is a state of mind and a change of heart that I made in my youth. Anyone can do the same. It is a much better way to live.

I will follow with the next principle in a day or so. I hope that you enjoy this and benefit from it.

Scott Shields DPM

Remember: It shouldn’t hurt to walk.

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