Summer, Time for Fun and Success – Part 9

A review of Napoleon Hills “Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement”.

Enforce Self-DisciplineThis is # 9.

9) “Enforce Self-Discipline” Napoleon Hill said this beautifully when he said, “Self discipline is the bottleneck through which you personal power must flow.” This is so true and clear but it stands in the way of almost everyone you know and at times yours truly. How many times have we all squandered away opportunities and time because we did not exercise our self discipline to do what was better. We may have chosen something that was good but not what needed to be done to reach our goal. Sears used to have an advertising slogan that read something like: “You can buy this one that is good, or this one that is better or this one that is best”. When we chose the best we get better out comes. This will work with our diet, exercise, study, chores, employment, hygiene and even in who we chose to spend our time with. We can only make choices from what we think about and what we think about matters a great deal. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:” Prov 23:7. We have to balance our wants against our needs or goals and make the BEST choices if we want to reach our goals. The better that we can do this, the higher we can make our goals.

I will follow with the next principle in a day or so. I hope that you enjoy this and benefit from it.

Scott Shields DPM

Remember: It shouldn’t hurt to walk.

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