Summer, Time for Fun and Success – Part 17

A review of Napoleon Hills “Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement”.

Cosmic HabitforceThis is # 17.

17) We have come to the end of the 17 Principles of Success by Napoleon Hill. The seventh principle is to use “Cosmic Habitforce” This is a difficult principle to express in a brief discussion. In a nutshell: “fulfill your dreams …. automatically. Beyond mere habits, Cosmic Habitforce engages universal laws where you automatically do what’s right. Developing positive habits leads to peace of mind, health and financial security.”

That is a mouthful. I will try to break it down in a more understandable way. There are laws of the universe that work. The law of gravity works but there is a another law called Bernoulli’s principle that states that air moving over a surface faster than the sounding air will create a vacuum or a relative lifting force. So a airplane moving through the air with the wing or a airfoil aligned with the relative air flow or angle of attack can over come the law of gravity as long as it keeps moving and does not lose the lift by changing the angle of attack past the point of lift. If the wing exceeds the allowable angle of attack there is a stall and the lift and gone and the pilot will have to work to recover and keep the plane flying. This is a very simplified explanation of cosmic habitforce. To get a better picture of this, go back to each of the 17 principles and see if you can see the path to following the principle and a counterfeit path to try to cheat or to try to get around the principle – to get something for nothing. It will not work with the counterfeit effort. We have to be doing and becoming the real deal. Practicing and living correct habits, thinking and planning. Working and trying to succeed mixed with faith and good cheer until the correct actions are our normal habits. Then we will have all that we need. Whether we are short, fat, skinny or tall, and yes, rich or poor, we will be successful and happy. Living the 17 Principles of Success will make us happier and better off than not living them. That is a promise. Napoleon Hill did not talk about religion but when I read his works it is easy to see that he was a religious man and lived by the golden rule to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

I have enjoyed reviewing these principles from Napoleon Hill so much that I will be rereading his works this summer. If you have learned something new or been reminded of things that your should be doing of if these topics are new to you I would encourage you to join me in reading Napoleon Hills keys to Success the 17 principles of personal achievement.

Scott Shields DPM

Remember: It shouldn’t hurt to walk.

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