Many Thanks

Dr. ShieldsHi friends,

I have just had the most marvelous time on a cruising adventure. I spend 6 years in the US Navy and I enjoy being at sea. It is relaxing and comforting to me. I am amazed at the deep blue and turquoise color of the water and how it changes in front of my eyes from the dull green as we leave the coast and head south.

I cannot help but reflect upon our Heavenly Father and the care that He provides for us when I see the majesty of his handiwork. How fortunate we are to have a loving Father in Heaven to care for us so well.

Thinking of this makes me realize the value, deep respect, and commitment that I have for my friends. How solitary life would be without them. I have several friends that I talk to every week. They bring balance to my life, perspective, and insight to difficult situations. I want to say thank you to my Heavenly Father, wife for being my best girlfriend, my family, my staff, patients, and friends for making my life truly wonderful.

Thank you,
Scott Shields

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