Vote Our Conscious

As important as the presidential election was, (whether you believe President Trump or Sectary Clinton was the greatest thing or the ruin of our country), it is important that we do our civic duty and vote our conscious. There are more important things that we can all do to make the world a better place right at home.

We can be kind to our family and friends. We can be good neighbors. We can clean up our property, pay our bills, and do our best at work.

We can study and improve our skills.

We can gain new skills and hobbies. We can volunteer with a group that we believe in and needs our help. We can help a child or adult to read.

We can encourage someone that is discouraged.

We have a much greater influence on other people than we think. A simple act of a smile at the stoplight can improve that person’s whole day.

Thank about the last time you got angry in the car over a simple infraction and how it made you feel. The Savior once asked, “What think ye of Christ?” One day the question will be “What does Christ think of Scott (put your name there).

It is easy to show simple acts of kindness. It’s not always easy but we have been commanded to treat others as we would want them to treat us.

If we do so, regardless of whether the world recognizes us for our kindness or not, the Savior will be pleased with our efforts to be good neighbors and followers of Him.

Dr. Scott Shields

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