Some Summer Time Perils For Your Feet

What is wrong with wearing flip flops?
Flip flops are summer time favorite.

They go on easy and come off even easier. They are cool, come in many colors and can be hosed off when dirty. Some are even platform for those that are height challenged.

The difficulty with flip flops comes when they are used for activates that they are not suitable for. That really goes for any shoe style. Can you imagine hiking in the mountains in ballet slippers or even golf shoes? How about trying to run a race in cow boy boots?

There is a great deal of advantage in wearing the right shoe for the activity you are doing. Basket ball players will do much better when wearing basket ball shoes. Construction workers or carpenters need work boots. Runners need to wear running shoes. Remember when President Bush was ridiculed for wearing Crooks? Crooks are not bad shoes but they did not fit the “Job” of president of the United States.

So what would be the perfect job for flip flops? Flip flops can be used for many activities but the perfect job would be at the gym shower to keep your feet off the floor and protected from viruses (wart), bacteria and fungal infections. Another GREAT job for flip flops would be around a pool again to protect your feet from the hot surfaces and at the same time allow you in and out of them easily and not be damaged form the water.

I have seen many injuries from flip flops being used for activities that they are not well suited for. I have seen sever lacerations for stepping on glass that went through the flip flop and deep into the feet. I have seen blisters and ankle sprains. I have seen many people who have aggregated their arthritis by wearing flip flops when they NEED a supportive shoe. There are many fractured toes due to flip flops not protecting the wears feet when they should have on a shoe.

Some people will use flip flops every day for every activity. If I lived on the beach and my job was fishing off the sea shore there is some argument that can be made for daily flip flop use but even with this unobtainable scenario in Oklahoma there are still many perils in wearing flip flops for activates that they can not protect the only 2 feet that you will ever have.

Until next time, remember: It should’t hurt to walk.

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