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Knowledge and skill trusted by thousands

Proper recovery from foot and ankle problems depends on the knowledge and skill of the specialist you choose.

Over the years, podiatric physician Scott Shields, DPM, has helped thousands of people get out of pain, get past their problems, and get back to their lives. In fact, most of our patients were referred by other patients who have come to trust Dr. Shields’s know-how, skill and dedication to each individual’s best interests.

Individualized care for your best results

Dr. Shields became a foot and ankle specialist to make a difference in people’s lives. He personalizes everything he does to a patient’s needs and goes the extra mile to ensure they receive the best care possible.

Listening carefully is crucial to understanding a patient’s problem, lifestyle and goals. Dr. Shields ensures you are fully informed about your condition and treatment options, and will customize your treatment to you, because it’s essential to getting the best possible results.

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A conservative approach toward care and recovery

Podiatric surgery is sometimes necessary for certain problems, but Dr. Shields knows that option must be carefully considered. The fact is that many conditions can be well-treated without surgery, which is why he takes a conservative approach and avoids surgical intervention whenever possible.

But if surgery is the best choice, Dr. Shields is a highly skilled surgeon, using the latest and most effective techniques. Most surgeries are performed in the comfort and convenience of a fully equipped in-office surgical suite.

An admirably uncommon approach to healthcare

Dr. Shields and the staff of Total Foot and Ankle take pride in treating people with the same compassion, attentive focus, and down-to-earth approach they would want for themselves.

Patients routinely say that they appreciate the different kind of healthcare experience they had. From podiatric surgeon Dr. Shields to the certified podiatric assistants to the support staff, everyone is friendly, warm, personable, approachable, and accommodating. They believe in fostering meaningful relationships, starting with treating you like family.

Dedicated to excellent care, optimal results, and your unique needs

The dedicated professionals at Total Foot and Ankle are driven, always striving for the utmost in podiatric excellence.

With a strong sense of duty and right, Dr. Shields stays abreast of the latest methods to provide optimal care. In fact, he and his staff strive to earn your trust and confidence by committing themselves to leading-edge care, excellent results, the fastest possible healing, responsiveness, and total devotion to your best interests.

If you need help with a foot or ankle condition, please don’t hesitate to call (580) 237-3338 for the Enid office.

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