Foot structure is a crucial factor when it comes to may causes of pain. An abnormality in the way your feet are shaped and aligned can have uncomfortable consequences not only in your feet and heels, but sometimes in your ankles, knees, hips, or lower back as well.

There are several methods for treating or managing pain that is caused by flat feet (also known as fallen arches). These may include custom orthotics, changes in footwear, or physical therapy, among others.

We are also proud, however, to offer HyProCure—a minor surgical implant that provides permanent results in certain cases of collapsed arches.

The Basics of HyProCure

HyProCure is a medical-grade titanium stent that is placed within the sinus tarsi—the space between the ankle bone and the heel bone. This is the area that collapses to cause flatfoot. The two bones fall out of alignment, which can result in aches and pains.

The stent is installed during a 20-minute procedure that can be performed in our office under local sedation or “twilight sleep.” The stent is inserted into the sinus tarsi to restore the cavity and arch. There is no use of screws or drilling involved. The stent will hold itself in place as scar tissue forms around it.

Recovery from the procedure can take a few weeks, with total times varying by patient. Over the next several months, the body will gradually adjust to the stent and restore better alignment.

Patients should not expect to feel that there is anything odd in their foot once recovered from the procedure, either. The stent tends to feel like a natural part of things.

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Is HyProCure for Me?

As with any form of treatment, HyProCure will not be the best solution for all patients. A big deciding factor in this is determining what exactly is at the core of your pain. It may be that other conditions are responsible, so we will need to rule them out before proceeding any further (but if it is something else, we can certainly address it, too).

It may also be possible that several conditions are contributing to overall pain and discomfort, each which may need to be addressed separately.

Whatever the circumstances, we make sure to perform a thorough physical evaluation as well as a review of your medical history before considering options for treatment; especially those that involve surgery of any type.

Want to Learn More About HyProCure?

If you have questions about HyProCure or would simply like some more in-depth information, please check out our downloadable guide, “A Patient’s Guide to HyProCure Treatment.” We go into further detail about HyProCure and who can benefit most from the procedure.

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