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Ankle Surgery

There are many reasons for ankle surgery, such as injuries, congenital defects, and degenerative diseases that lead to ankle deformities. As a result of these conditions, the ankle bone structure may need realignment through surgical procedures to reduce pain, restore mobility, and lessen difficulties walking. The type of ankle surgery necessary varies from condition to condition, but most are done as outpatient procedures. The surgery may involve removal of the deformity as well as realignment. Temporary and/ or permanent fixation devices can be required internally and externally for the ankle to keep proper alignment post-surgery and in the future. The doctor will advise the patient on the recovery process and duration, as well as appropriate home care and physical therapy to restore mobility and strength.

Some ankle surgeries are minor and recovery is rapid. Repair on bracing of ligaments and arthroscopic surgery often have rapid recovery with return to full activity levels.

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