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Life doesn’t wait for you to catch up, so why wait to take care of your foot and ankle pain?

Total Foot and Ankle provides down-to-earth diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of conditions below the knees. We are here to serve patients of all ages in Oklahoma City, Enid, and surrounding communities.

Dr. Scott Shields

Dr. Scott Shields is proud to serve the foot and ankle needs of patients in Enid, OKC, and surrounding areas. Outside the office, Dr. Shields loves to travel and explore as both a licensed pilot and a scuba diver. He’s married to his lifelong sweetheart, and together they have a daughter and two grandchildren.

Patient Testimonials

“Came in with hurting feet and now the pain is gone! Had pain for 6-8 months and after two visits with Dr. Shields, I feel better.”
Phillip B.
“I would like to thank the staff for their friendliness & professionalism. I would refer Dr. Shields & staff to any & everyone! Thank you for your care & consideration.”
William D.
“This guy is great. I never knew a doc visit could be so fun! The doc had me in tears laughing before I left. I’ve never posted a review before. His staff was warm and personable. I recommend him highly.”
Donald J.
“Thanks so much for taking time this weekend to help me & my feet. I always feel a difference as I exercise or just walk around with my new inserts. I appreciate all you did for me.”
Lori B.


Advanced Treatment for Flat Feet

We are proud to offer HyProCure—a minor surgical implant that provides permanent results in certain cases of collapsed arches.

Free Offers

Hyprocure – Fractures – Heel Pain

We offer several guides to help you find the answers you may be seeking.

Our guides include how to recognize foot fractures, answering your question on the advanced treatment for structural foot problems, HyProCure, and a guide on understanding heel pain causes and treatment options.




Heel Pain

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